Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cake Pops

Since seeing Bakerella's website, I've been wanting to make cake pops.  Since then, it seems I've been hearing about cake pops everywhere.  Last weekend, I finally took the time to make them.

They're pretty easy, but they look (and taste) awfully impressive!  This batch was Red Velvet cake with vanilla frosting (I thought I had cream cheese frosting and didn't realize it until I was ready to make them).

Basically, you bake a 9x13 cake; and when it's fully cooled, you crumble it into a large bowl.  Mix in enough frosting to make a dough about the consistency of sugar cookie dough - too little and everything won't stick together; too much and everything will be really sticky!  Form into balls, refrigerate until a little more firm, insert lollipop stick and dip in chocolate.

There are definitely things I'll do differently next time, but I'm pretty happy with my first attempt!

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