Monday, April 4, 2011

Teacher Thank You Gifts

In addition to my crocheted flower addiction, I also have a candy addiction.  Not so much eating it (although that's fun, too); but when I see candy, I find myself thinking of how I can alter it.  This obsession extends to other foods, too, like popcorn...

So when I found a good deal on some mini bags of popcorn the other day, of course I had to buy them!

They're the perfect size for a small thank you gift, and using different patterned papers can completely change the look.  My first go-round is for teachers.

I started with a 5x10 inch scrap I had, but the paper didn't cover the blue wrapper so I added a 6x10 inch base.  I only had 3 scraps of patterned paper so when I had to use a new piece, I cut them 4x10 so I could get 3 strips out of each paper.

Once that was done, I wanted some sort of a card on the top; but I also wanted it to be big enough to hold a gift card.

The ribbon is secured in the back, but it's loose in the front so it can be moved down a little bit to open the flap.

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  1. Those are soooooo cute. I'd like to buy some for my cantors to go in their Easter gifts.